- How to Get Multiple Virtual Desktops in Windows 7/ with Free Tools

- How to Get Multiple Virtual Desktops in Windows 7/ with Free Tools

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Windows 7 multiple desktops software free.How to get multiple Desktops on Windows 7/8/8.1 



Windows 7 multiple desktops software free -


There are two good programs that I have found for doing multiple desktops on these three versions of Windows. There is Desktops v2. This is a Microsoft solution for multiple desktops.

This is free to use anywhere. There is Dexpot. This is a good third-party software and it has a lot more customization options with it. However, it is only free for personal use. To use it in a business environment you need to purchase a license. I ignored mine and downloaded anyway and the file was fine. Just a little warning. Once again a pretty straight forward step. For Dexpot all you have to do is double click. For Desktops v2.

Then install. With Desktops v2. Just open which programs you want on which desktop. For Dexpot there are a lot more options. Have fun messing around with them. Dexpot is also a lot easier to manage. Also just know that some programs do not seem to like the multiple desktop features. For example, with Desktops v2. So have fun with these programs and hope it helped! You're welcome! I have been using it on an old Dell Precision all morning with no issue. But in order to have web browsing on different desktops I downloaded Firefox so that I would have Chrome on one and Firefox on the other.

Yeah there are a few issues with desktops. I've noticed I have to use different browsers on each desktop, also once you run say Excel in one desktop that's where it has to run from. Could be because it's the starter version or could be a bug. I've only seen a few programs like this so far but desktops is great.

Been using it for years. I don't think there is any sysinternals tool I haven't liked. Of course I haven't used them all yet Yeah I made a note for the multiple browser thing. And to be honest Dexpot looks like its a lot better program. But I haven't really played with it since I am at work and need a license to use it in a business environment. I did mess with it until I read that it was not free for business.

Then uninstalled. I know with Office products from on, if you want to open in a new window you must open another session of the application and then open the file. MicrosoftDesktops still seems to be a thing Home Windows General Windows How-tos. General Windows. Jul 16, 1 Minute Read. Reply 6. Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn. TheAlmighty SwifferJet. Main Areas of Contribution:. Track Progress. Earn Credits.

This part is simple just download the one that you like the best. Step 4: Configure to how you like it. GORT Jul 16, at pm. Microsoft Desktops v2. Thank you, Dustin! TheAlmightySwifferJet Jul 16, at pm. Thai Pepper. BloodHoundGang Jul 16, at pm. Read these next


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  Download Virtual Desktop For Windows 7 - Best Software & Apps · Desktop Goose · Citrix Workspace · YouWave · Virtual DJ Studio · Remote Desktop Connection Manager. This utility enables you to create up to four virtual desktops and easily switch between them. If you are looking to have customizable multiple virtual desktops in Windows 7 with a free tool, then Dexpot can be a good solution. Dexpot.    


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